Safety Features

Safety Features


Because there’s no such thing as too safe, Mercedes-Benz has an enviable and justified reputation for the emphasis placed on safety. The Citan comes with a range of standard and optional safety features to protect one of your business’s biggest assets: the person sitting behind the wheel of the van.

ADAPTIVE ESP® : sixth sense braking when you need it.

Driver safety is of paramount importance to Mercedes-Benz. ADAPTIVE ESP® is an innovative handling dynamics control system that supports drivers in critical driving conditions by improving the vehicle's directional stability, taking its load into account. It actively intervenes in certain dangerous driving situations - such as impending risk of skidding - by applying a specific braking force to individual wheels, adjusts the engine power output to suit the situation and even dries the brake pads in wet conditions.

As well as aiding directional stability, ADAPTIVE ESP® combines the functions of the anti-lock braking system (ABS), acceleration skid control (ASR), electronic brake force distribution (EBD), Brake Assist (BAS), Rollover mitigation systems (ROM+RMI) and the Start-off Assist system (AAS).

Airbags: safety first.

The Citan comes with driver’s airbag as standard, while passenger airbag and thoraxbags are optional extras. Thoraxbags are positioned in the backests and offer the driver and passenger enhanced torso protection in a side impact, the airbag deploys in hundredths of a second, protecting against injuries to the torso, before immediately deflating to allow easy exit or access by emergency services.

Caution: Airbags only offer full protection to passengers wearing their seat belts correctly.

Light and rain sensor: for a clear view on things.

Stay safer in a van that’s actively looking out for you. The optional light and rain sensor automatically modifies the lights and wiper frequency to the light and the weather conditions. As dusk is falling, or when entering a tunnel, the vehicle lights switch on automatically, while the first drops of rain activate the wipers, with speed intelligently adjusting to the intensity of the downpour.

Parking sensor: for ultimate City manoeuvrability

Bumps and dings increase the cost of motoring – and if left unattended, negatively affect perceptions of your business. The optional acoustic reversing aid with distance sensor makes very precise manoeuvring possible, facilitating parking in tight spots and helping to avoid potentially costly vehicle damage. The system, which operates on the echo sounding principle, alerts the driver when it recognises that space is becoming tight behind the vehicle, with a sound that becomes progressively louder as the obstacle gets closer.