Driving Dynamics

Driving Dynamics

Carry more and get a smoother ride.

The new Canter spoils you for comfort and convenience. In the 3.5t model, independent front suspension delivers masterful track stability and steering precision. Better still, improved driving dynamics and superior suspension do not come at the expense of smaller payloads. In addition, disc brakes on all wheels, ABS with electronic brake force distribution and ESP (as an option) also improve the new Canter’s safety features. The bottom line? You can carry more and get a safer, smoother ride into the bargain. Independent front suspension (3.5t model only). Independent front suspension delivers a smoother ride and improved handling – not to mention superior track stability and greater steering precision. And, of course, the kind of driving dynamics you would never expect from a compact truck.

The revamped axle delivers a very small turning circle – a huge benefit if you ever find yourself in a tight corner.

Disc brakes and ABS.

The Canter has a full complement of disc brakes, plus ABS as standard. Every vehicle also features electronic brake force distribution. ESP can be ordered as an option for the 7.5t model.

Increased payload.

All Canters can now handle heavier payloads than their predecessors. The 7.5t model, for example, boasts a chassis load-bearing capacity of over five tons – the highest in its segment.