DUONIC. The first dual-clutch transmission for trucks.

DUONIC®, the world’s first dual-clutch automated transmission for light trucks, makes the Canter more comfortable and efficient than ever. The result? Smoother, more fuel-efficient shifting without the frictional losses you normally get with conventional automatic transmissions.

The Eco Mode feature is now implemented as standard to further optimise fuel efficiency. Parking and creep functions add even greater convenience – as does the option of manual six-speed shifting and a special low-maintenance, low-wear clutch.

Parking lock function and manual shift option.

DUONIC® prevents the vehicle from moving when you switch to the park position. You also have the option of manually shifting up and down through all six gears.

Eco Mode as standard.

Eco Mode, fitted as standard in the DUONIC® transmission, enables early shifting to further reduce fuel consumption. At any engine speed, DUONIC® always selects the right gear to minimize consumption.

Low wear on the clutch – low maintenance.

Unlike conventional transmissions, the DUONIC® dual-clutch transmission is subject to only minimal wear. As well as optimising fuel consumption, it also minimises maintenance downtime and servicing costs.

Creep function.

In heavy traffic or during delicate manoeuvres, the creep function moves the Canter forward or backward safely and slowly while the accelerator pedal is released.